Partnership with other Churches, Dioceses and Mission Organizations
The Diocese has also a number of partnerships with a number of churches, dioceses and church-related organizations. These include Southern Ohio Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Mid South District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in the United States (community development project;- boreholes, evangelism, eye centers equipment and motorcycles), the Oulu and Kuopio Dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, Danmission of Denmark, Swedish Evangelical Mission SEM and Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM).
These churches and organizations are supporting the Diocese in various programmes both in spiritual and development work. Department of Mission, Evangelism and Stewardship are receiving plenty of support for the workers training. Southern Ohio Synod, Danmission and FELM are supporting workers training at the Nyakato Lutheran Training Centre as a capacity building. SEM is supporting the workers training by supporting the Theological Training by Extension programme.
Department is also getting support for running its mission activities. For example FELM is supporting the work of mission at the mission areas as well as the work of Cinema Leo team, the evangelism through movies.
Also several other Departments of the Diocese are receiving funds – and other support – from these organizations. Those included are the Departments for Women and Children, Christian Education, Youth, Health and Diaconia, Planning and Development.
Here it is also good to mention the support in a form of co-workers: In the end of year 2013 FELM has five workers seconded to the Diocese to work in several positions of the Diocese, working in workers training, evangelism and in child sponsorship as well as with the women’s and youth department. From ELCA there is one secondary school teacher and one person working at the Development and Planning. From Sweden there is a coordinator for Theological Education by Extension -programme.


East of Lake Victoria Diocese

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